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Bryan University has a proven track record of successfully preparing graduates for over 70 years. Through hands-on, student-centered learning experiences, coupled with individualized support, Bryan students graduate with practical, productive skills that lead directly to high-demand professional careers. Unlike traditional institutions, Bryan also offers job placement assistance and lifetime refresher courses to ensure its graduates remain competitive for many years to come. Bryan enjoys a position within the higher education spectrum that is unique, respected, enviable and worthy of emulation.

Programs Available at Bryan University Online:

    Associate Degree in Court Reporting

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, court reporting jobs are projected to grow faster than average through the year 2018 (18% compared to the average 10% growth). Court reporting was also ranked as one of the 50 Best Careers of 2011 by U.S. News and World Report. (2)

    Career paths include:

    • Official Reporter – Work as a salaried courtroom employee.
    • Freelance Reporter – Work a flexible schedule on pre-trial depositions.
    • CART Provider – Communication Access Real-Time Translation providers accompany deaf and hard-of-hearing clients.
    • Real-Time Reporter – Convert spoken word instantly to text display for live proceedings.
    • Broadcast Captioner – Provide text captions of live television programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

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    Associate Degree in Litigation and E-Discovery Paralegal

    Expanding Careers

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal and litigation support jobs are expected to grow 18 percent through 2020, and 83,400 industry job openings are expected to be added in the United States through the same year.

    Furthermore, according to a recent industry salary study, 60 percent of law firms surveyed indicated that they are planning to expand their litigation-support departments and e-Discovery practice groups.

    Now is the time to seize your opportunity in this dynamic industry!

    Attractive Opportunities

    As a graduate of the Bryan University Paralegal E-Discovery program, you will enter a world of exciting career opportunities:

    • Corporate Paralegal
    • Litigation Paralegal
    • Legal Analyst
    • Legal Support Specialist
    • E-Discovery Litigation Support

    Paralegals perform many key roles in the industry:

    • Managing attorney- and client-support functions
    • Conducting investigation of facts and performing legal research related to a case
    • Compiling evidence and preparing materials for trial
    • Directing and coordinating law-office operations
    • Preparing and indexing legal documents, reports and other litigation materials using computer software
    • Maintaining electronic databases and all electronic materials and documents related to law cases using relevant e-Discovery software

    Paralegal e-Discovery professionals lead rewarding careers in numerous settings:

    • Local and international law firms
    • Corporate legal departments
    • Professional services firms
    • Finance and insurance firms
    • Government agencies

    Find Your Place in a Multibillion-Dollar Industry

    Recent trends indicate that law firms increasingly use technology and computer software for managing documents and preparing for trials. In today’s technology-driven environment, paralegals must be equipped with electronic database-management expertise and be current on the latest e-Discover software. E-Discovery refers to all electronic materials that are searched, located and secured as resources for a trial. These include emails, text messages, phone records, accounting databases, websites and other electronic documents.

    E-Discovery has quickly become a multibillion-dollar industry and a key component of the legal process, often comprising 50 percent or more of litigation costs. E-Discovery experts recognize a huge knowledge gap in the profession, leading to an ever-growing need for highly educated paralegals with the right e-Discovery expertise.

    That’s why Bryan University is committed to providing you with the most unique, comprehensive and unrivaled paralegal e-Discovery education possible.

    An Online Paralegal E-Discovery Program Like No Other

    Developed in collaboration with Bryan University’s distinguished Board of Advisors, the Paralegal E-Discovery Associate Degree program focuses on connecting you to the industry in a way that no other program can. Your professors will be the field’s foremost paralegal and e-Discovery experts, renowned attorneys, top-ranking litigators and industry-leading recruiters, all of whom are committed to helping you achieve education and career success.

    You’ll learn the fundamentals of law, paralegal science, and litigation and investigative research, while gaining in-depth expertise in database management, e-Discovery software and other legal technologies needed by today’s modern law offices.

    In our interactive, cutting-edge online classrooms, you’ll be exposed to all angles of the industry:

    • Paralegal science and legal office management
    • Business, criminal, civil, family and contract law
    • Civil litigation
    • Legal research, professional writing and document preparation
    • Information technology subjects including electronic-document management, e-Discovery software, digital data management and legal office technologies
    • Collection, preservation and analysis of electronically stored information
    • E-Discovery project management
    • Comprehensive, hands-on lab experience

    The Bryan University Difference

    With a proven track record of successfully preparing graduates for more than 70 years, Bryan University is dedicated to providing a student-centered, hands-on learning experience delivered through virtual classrooms where you’ll be able to see, hear and interact with instructors and classmates. In addition, as a Bryan University student you will be entitled to lifetime refresher courses whenever you feel the need to sharpen your skills. Plus, the university offers job-placement assistance and maintains relationships with the Cowen Group and TRU Staffing, renowned staffing firms in the legal community.

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    We believe that online learning should meet your unique needs-instead of expecting you to conform to ours. And with our student-centric learning technologies, delivered through real-time, multimedia coaching environments, we’ll help you learn faster and retain more. And that means you can build the knowledge you need not only to succeed in school, but also to be immediately productive in the workplace.

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